Paper Wax Seals 

Paper Wax seals....easy, from various types of paper, in the colors you want. You create them with our 3D embossing folders. This video shows how to create them and how to use them to decorate a card.


LeCrea 3D Diorama Box 45.8627


In this video I will show you how to create a special birthday
or Christmas card with this 'LeCrea 3D Diorama Box Die 45.8627'

Glitter foam tea light holder 

With the LeCrea 3D Die 45.8610 you can make beautiful tealight holders out of Glitter Foam.
You cut the parts from Glitter Foam and simply slide them together.

Simple masking with the Stamping Tool


Stamp a squirrel in front of the mushroom.... that can be done with the trick of 'masking'.
In this video I show how 'masking' works. This trick makes stamping even more fun.


Surprise box with LeCrea template 95.8696

In this video: 'Surprise box with LeCrea Template 95.8696' I will show you how to make this box using the template.
You can decorate the Surprise Box with your stamps, dies or cut-out sheets, to create a suitable surprise for every occasion.


Pop-up Christmas tree 45.8153

With the Pop-up die of the Christmas tree I show you how to make beautiful dimensional cards.
Under "Lea'bilitie Dies" you will find more Pop-up dies that can be used for other occasions in addition to Christmas, such as wedding / anniversary, birthday etc.


Combi stamps Masking & coloring

With the stamp of the truck 55.8009 I explain how ‘masking’ works. This way you can fill the truck with gifts, Christmas stuff, or moving stuff.


Glitter Foam Decoration: Little Angel

This video shows you how to create angels and fairies with the LeCrea3D die Little Angel 

Diorama Lea'bilitie Die: Winter Landscape

I love to show you how you work with our Diorama Dies in this YouTube video:
"Winter Landscape diorama".



Glitter Foam Decorations: Christmas Tree 3D 

In this video I show you how to make beautiful Christmas trees using the Lea'bilitie Die 45.6784 Christmas Tree 3D and Glitter Foam.


Flower Foam 12: Cornflower

You create this colourfull flower with the Lea'bilitie Multi die flower 020 Cornflowers 45.6791 and the coordinating clear stamp 55.6876 


Glitter Foam Decoration: Heart

With the Glitter Foam sheets and with the Lea'bilitie 3D dies you make these cute hearts.A lovely decoration for the Christmas tree or as a pendant in the nursery.


Glitter Foam Decoration: ball

With the Glitter Foam sheets, material sets and with the help of the Lea'bilitie 3D dies you make beautiful decorations, such as a ball or heart. Use them for the Christmas tree or as a pendant in the nursery.

Foam Flower 11: Chrysanthemum 

You create this colourfull flower with the Lea'bilitie Multi die flower 018 Chrysanthemum  45.5664 the matching clear stamp 55.5749


LeCreaDesign Handlettering Templates 

Writing an elegant text on cards becomes easy with the LeCreaDesign sets of Hand lettering templates.


Lea'bilitie Silhouette Dies & Foil 

In this video we show you, how you can make beautiful cards with the Lea'bilitie Silhouette cutting dies in combination with gold foil.


Sticker & Foam Flowers: 

With the 4 ‘Sticker & Foam flowers set’ you can create cheerful decorations. Making these flowers becomes super easy if you use the Lea'bilite Nested flowers that are 45.5756.


Lea'bilitie Silhouette die Tulip 45.5626:

With every Lea'bilitie Silhouette Cutting die, like the Silhouette Tulip 45.5626, you can work in multiple ways, with beautiful cards as a result.


Flower Foam 10 Fantasy Flower:

You create this beautiful fantasy flower with the Lea'bilitie Multi Die and Fantasy Flower 45.5336 the matching clear stamp 55.5435.


Gift Boxes for Flower Foam

The gift box is fun to make.The box offers space for a gift voucher, small bottle of perfume, a bottle with liquor or beautiful Foam flowers.

Flower Foam 9: Rose 3D

With the Multi 45.5350 flower 015 Rose and the matching clear stamp 55.5459 you can make roses and roses out of paper, flower foam or glitter foam.

Flower Foam 8: Orchid

You create this beautiful orchid with the Lea'bilitie Multi Die Orchidee 45.4698 'and the matching clear stamp 55.4711

Video: 'LeCrea Combi Die & Stamp Party'

The ‘LeCrea Combi dies’ have a matching stamp. You can combine them with each other, but also use them separately. In this way you make original cards that are suitable for many occasions.

Flower Foam 7: Multi Die Poppy

You create this beautiful poppy with the Lea'bilitie Multi Die 45.4704'Poppy 'and the matching clear stamp 55.4728.

Flower Foam 6: Daffodil

With the multi 45.0379 Daffodil, you make beautiful daffodils from paper or from the Flower Foam.This way you create nice cheerful flowers that you can use for various occasions.


For more videos, check out the Leane Creatief YouTube channel.